The so-called “Disciples of the Lost” were a group of Force-sensitive “brothers”—four unrelated young men, all trained by the same Force-user. That Force-user, in turn, had been trained by another Force-user, whose own master had been one of the fabled “Lost Twenty,” the handful of Jedi who had left the Order of their own free will.

The veracity of the heritage claimed by the Disciples—Nolan, Dolan, Solan, and Rolan—has yet to be confirmed, but the quartet was undoubtedly strong in Forceenhanced telepathy, which they used on seven different worlds during the Clone Wars to incite angry mobs and mass riots from the midst of peaceful, large-scale demonstrations. Their goal was to follow in the footsteps of their master’s master’s master, leading worlds away from the Republic and its Jedi Order.

The seventh world to which the Disciples came was Vargas Nor. By that time, the hesitant member of the group, Rolan, had begun to make his displeasure at their mission known. To incite riots on behalf of the people, he believed, was to rob those same people of their right to selfdetermination and free will in the same fashion that they believed the Republic had done to the societies they “helped.” The leader of the group, Solan, had begun to use their telepathic link, the same link used to stir the “mob mentality” among the demonstrators, to keep Rolan in line.

On Vargas Nor, Rolan finally discovered Solan’s controlling thought patterns and broke away in the midst of the mob. He vented his frustrations by killing a Wookiee rioter, believing that the fault was Solan’s, not his own, due to Solan’s manipulations. Solan, however, along with Nolan and Dolan, was already dead, slain by a team of Jedi Knights, led by Katillia Mar’dyoh, who had been hunting them since their first anti- Republic riots.

Out of guilt for his actions in the mob and on the six previous worlds, Rolan, the last of the Disciples, took his own life.