Kol Zurka
Species Human (Ord Mantell)
Affiliation(s) The Hammers
Rank / Title Commander (Commanding Officer of the Hammers)
Performance Christopher McCullough
Creator(s) Nathan P. Butler

Kol Zurka is a mercenary in the Rayzur's Edge Audio fan audio drama Second Strike, wherein he and his group, the Hammers, start trouble with the New Republic Special Ops team Valkan's Rayzurs while on their mission against the forces of Arilus Dehrahn on the planet Ferri'sol.


Kol Zurka and his three mercenary partners (who rotate in and out from a group of fifteen potential team members) form the group known as the Hammers. Hailing from Ord Mantell, the group is not known for being particularly bright, nor for their sparkling personalities, but their flare for the use of illegal slug-throwing weapons has made them somewhat notorious in the field of hired mercenaries. Even the most uncivilized mercenaries tend to use blasters, making the Hammers both oddities and what might be considered throwbacks in their profession.

Four months before the New Republic Intelligence mission to Ferri'sol, Arilus Dehrahn hired the Hammers to act in conjunction with his own security forces in hunting down members of the Pri'gorod Resistance.

Three months later, after having witnessed Dehrahn’s cruelty to prisoners and comrades alike first-hand, Zurka and his men began contemplating going AWOL from Dehrahn’s ranks. They did so, three weeks later, around the same time as the Intel mission to "kidnap" Lom Darus. Rather than loudly boasting of the termination of their deal with Dehrahn, the Hammers simply stopped communicating with Dehrahn’s government, trying to slip through the cracks.

It was two weeks later when Dehrahn’s forces finally caught up to the Hammers, just outside Farlo's Brews and Breasts along Pri'gorod’s Central Way. The Hammers were just about to incite a brawl with New Republic Special Ops team Valkan's Rayzurs, but were interrupted by a group of stormtroopers looking to arrest the traitors. Zurka and all three of his drunken comrades were killed in the firefight that ensued.

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  • Kol Zurka is played by Christopher McCullough. McCullough also played TR-521, but these two roles are his only fan audio participation to date.
  • Since McCullough played both Kol Zurka and TR-521, the real name of TR-521 was later determined to be "Zul Karku," an obvious play on "Kol Zurka."

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