The Trandoshan Mortacorr was the leader of a group of bounty hunters and mercenaries assigned to assist Dark Jedi Danad Balas in setting up a small staging post for the Confederacy of Independent Systems on the jungle moon of An’Kerra. Being used to oneoff assignments that never provided a steady cash flow, Mortacorr was happy to hear that his skills would be put to good use for a long-term assignment.

That positive outlook darkened considerably with the arrival of two Jedi, Master Krastor Veda and Padawan Zallaron Kell, on the moon. With great stealth, Mortacorr’s men set a charge that destroyed the dropship that brought the Jedi to An’Kerra, then proceeded to secure the area between the Padawan’s location and their second dropship.

After the death of Master Veda at the hands of Balas, Zallaron was left to face the Separatists alone. He finally encountered Mortacorr and his goons (including his second-in-command, Thorus) in a clearing just outside of the dropship’s landing zone.

The Padawan, though, would not be taken prisoner easily. In the battle that ensued, Mortacorr and all of the men at his side were killed. At least, though, his was a career that ended on a high note.