Nadix Rovas was born twenty-six years before the Rayzur’s mission to Ferri’sol, the mission that took her life.

Nadix, easily recognizable as “the lovely tall girl with the fire-orange hair” in any crowd, was born in Pri’gorod on Ferri’sol. At the age of seventeen, Nadix was already taking an interest in galactic politics. Seeking to expand their daughter’s education, her parents took her with them when they moved closer to the Core. Rather than stay with her parents, though, Nadix chose to return to Pri’gorod to continue her education on the world she would forever call home. While there, she bore witness to the arrival of Arilus Dehrahn and the birth pangs of a resistance against his rule. By the time of the Emperor’s death and Dehrahn’s ascension to Warlord of Ferri’sol, Nadix, then twenty-five, had become the leader of the Pri’gorod cell of the planet-wide Ferrisian Resistance, an organization in open rebellion against Dehrahn and his forces. (Nadix had spent several years as the second-in-command to the cell’s previous leader, who was killed in a sweep of known traitors shortly after Dehrahn assumed his Warlord title.)

The Resistance was not involved in the New Republic Intelligence mission to “kidnap” Lom Darus, outside of helping put Darus in touch with Intel in the first place, leaving Nadix with few answers when Valkan’s Rayzurs came to her base during their second strike at Project FlashDeath. It was while the Rayzurs were present that Dehrahn’s might came down upon their heads.

A relative newcomer to the Resistance, Madan Shurr, had been captured by Dehrahn. When Shurr divulged the location of the Pri’gorod Resistance base, the warlord wasted no time in striking back against the movement.

Nadix died alongside her comrades when the base was decimated by an Imperial gunship and laser bombardment from Dehrahn’s Ash Flight TIE fighters.

Her death was not in vain, though, as she was able to get the Rayzurs out the back door to safety before the base’s destruction, allowing them to continue forward and, shortly thereafter, to liberate her world.