TE-985 was the designation for stormtrooper Sankt Pilyps, one of Arilus Dehrahn’s personal elite guard. “Elite,” of course, is a relative term. Sankt was at the top of his class at the Imperial Academy on Carida at a time when course grades were statistically lower than previous years by a large margin. As such, one might say he was the best of the not-nearly-best that the Empire had to offer.

In his youth, Sankt was overshadowed by his father and grandfathers’ martial arts accomplishments. The young Sankt suffered an injury at age ten that left him unable to follow in their footsteps, so upon becoming a member of Dehrahn’s stormtrooper elite, a few months after Dehrahn became Ferri’sol’s moff, he began to revel in proving his own physical prowess by using brute force whenever possible against prisoners, combatants, and anyone else within range. His preferred weapon is Dehrahn’s standard blaster rifle with a vibroblade bayonet, but he more often uses the butt of the rifle to silence prisoners than the firing end.

During the capture of Lom Darus and Kristara Eri’lur, he was commended for his use of brute force against Darus. He was later killed by Valkan’s Rayzurs during an alleyway skirmish, while engaging Shista Ti’lana in a knife duel.