Type Imperial-Class Star Destroyer
Affiliation Galactic Empire (Dehran's Domain)
Appearance Second Strike
Created by Nathan P. Butler

The Imperial-class Star Destroyer Titan is but one of several Star Destroyers under the command of Arilus Dehrahn’s regime in the Ferri'sol system. The vessel is primarily stationed one hyperspace jump away from Ferri'sol itself, owing to Dehrahn’s desire to lure approaching vessels into a false sense of security, not knowing that enough firepower to decimate most individual vessels awaits just out of sight, ready to pounce.

It was in that capacity that the Titan entered Ferrisian space during the Rayzurs' mission to Ferri'sol and killed Jivs Korus and Lanas Zlauter aboard their extraction ship, the Alois Fury. Later, when Imperial forces were given Retreat Code Omega and left the system under Dehrahn’s orders, most of the Imperial bureaucrats on the world escaped aboard the Titan.