Production Info
Series Run February 2008 -
Host Joe Harrison
Produced by Lion's Mouth Entertainment
Content Coverage Star Wars and Other
Number of Episodes 4
Library Running Time 120 Minutes
Guests David Bocian (Fan Response)

Tosche Station eXM (TSXM) is a new fan radio show from Lion's Mouth Entertainment, hosted solely by Lion's Mouth administrator Joe Harrison. While the primary topic of discussion for each episode is Star Wars-related, Harrison branches out at times to touch on other topics in the world.

Episodes Edit

  • Episode #01 - "Something New" Featuring audio reviews for Jim Perry's Thesis A Fantasy, Darker Projects' Star Trek: Pioneers, and Pendant Audio's Star Trek: Defiant, as well as some news and updates from "the lion's mouth."
  • Episode #01.5 - "A Shadowy Flight" A MiniCast episode featuring a review of the Knight Rider (2008) movie that premiered on television the night this episode was recorded.
  • Episode #02 - "Teleseriesphobia" Featuring an audio review for the first episode of Jeff Roney's New World Army audio series, as well as a book review for John Knoll's Creating the Worlds of Star Wars: 365 Days, and a primary discussion of the upcoming live action Star Wars TV series.
  • Episode #03 - "Time to Return Home" A look at Star Wars novels, where they are heading, and where they should be heading... or returning.

Background Information Edit

  • Tosche Station eXM is Joe Harrison's first Podcast Show, which is hosted by the free podcast hosting website:
  • "eXM" is a play on "XM", the satellite radio station.

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